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Empower Our Big, Bold Mission

Make a charitable 501c3 gift to help protect and expand quality education options, like the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program.


A charitable, nonprofit donation to Empower Illinois’ 501(c)(3) operations funds will allow us to activate our mission to expand quality education options for Illinois’ low-income and working-class families.*

Empower Illinois and the Tax Credit Scholarship Program just had its most successful year to date–raising the most dollars to award the most scholarships ever. And we are just getting started!

Next year, we have even bigger plans to award more scholarships, provide more certainty to participating families and schools, and extend this life-changing program. Will you join us to reach these ambitious goals?

Donate here via credit card or to make a gift via check, send donations to 200 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2310, Chicago, IL 60601.


*Unlike tax credit scholarship donations, gifts made here to Empower Illinois' 501(c)(3) operations are not eligible for a state tax credit, but may be eligible for a federal deduction.